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I joined in the corona spring when artists worldwide were struggling on how to take their passion and knowledge to digital. Together with the team in Amsterdam and Tampere we created digital merchandise, a portfolio of digitally sold, created and delivered products, which help ARTISTS to stay engaged with their FANS online.

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Artists can make steady passive income by selling their digital products, like SIGNED DIGICARDS, VIDEO GREETINGS, and Feedback on your track -service.

“A tight virtual hug for the very important job you do to maintain bit of mental health of many fans! Thank you!”

The Story of

text by Sanna Seiko Salo

It was 18th of October, 2017. Sami, a technology nerd by profession, a guitarist by passion, was at Jimi Hendrix Tribute gig at Klubi, in Tampere Finland. The gig was great. Afterwards Sami was checking out the merchandise table. You know, the place where the artists are selling their T-shirts, hoodies, prints and – the CD’s. He suddenly felt itchy. Realising that the artists have put their absolute everything into that piece of hardware. All those hours sweating in the training basements and studios, all the late nights writing the lyrics in agony. All the gigs, even smallest of them. All the dreams of one day making it big. It’s all there in that little shiny disc with hard plastic covers and impossible-to-open film wrapper.

Sami has an impressive CD collection himself. He can remember all the gigs, festivals and music stores where each of them were bought. All those moments are embodied in the discs. Just by looking at the CD cover, he can bring it all back.

“Nobody has CD players anymore.” he said to himself by the merchandise table. Time had run out for these discs while they still captivate an entire universe of dreams.

Sami understood that he could do something about that. He believed that the physical disc is no longer needed to do the job. He shared the same passion as the artists. He also understood the latest technology and it’s possibilities. He understood what needed to be done was not only transfer analog to bits, he needed to digitalise the emotion. He believed he could do that, but of course he couldn’t do it alone.

Sami pitched his idea of digital merchandise to two of his friends. Jari and Mika were sceptic at first, like you’d expect from proper Finns. But after opening his heart, ideas, sauna and a case of beer, he got the guys convinced. had begun.